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An interview with Master Peter Wong, by “What’s in Chinese Magazine” (June, 2012)
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Translated into EnglishSifu Peter Wong

Master Wong, a Sifu from the old school

Sifu Peter Wong, or simply referred to as ‘Master Wong’, considers himself a sifu from the old school of traditional Chinese martial arts, particularly Choy Lee Fut. He is located in Vancouver and is one of this style’s most knowledgeable practitioners today.

Master Wong went to school in Hong Kong as a child and excelled in academic studies– attaining top honours standing for many years and winning many academic achievement awards along the way. Always the diligent student, he particularly concentrated on Chinese history and on China’s many heroes with his favourite being the Three Kingdoms period story of "Zhou Chu Battles the Three Evils".

Master Wong fondly remembers from those days characters from Chinese history who loved their country and dedicated themselves to improving the welfare of the its people. He would always cherish these legends and stories. These tales have guided him throughout life and remind him to always treat people with kindness and try to help those in need.

Back then, as a child, he was always deep into books and didn't have any martial arts training.

Immigration - a Turning Point in Life

At the age of 14, Master Wong and his parents in immigrated to Vancouver and enrolled in Vancouver Technical Secondary School. Coming to a foreign land during that early time, new immigrants traditionally found it hard to adjust to life in their new homeland and he was no exception since many of the local customs were foreign to him.

One funny story comes to mind about Master Wong when he first attended school in Vancouver. He was unaware that school uniforms were not mandatory in Canada as it was in Hong Kong. Just to be safe, he decided to wear a business suit and tie to class every day and carried his heavy textbooks to school. This caused his classmates to ridicule him and, in some cases, bully him.

Even though he had a normal build, Master Wong was not your typical ‘nerd’ and did not back down from any confrontation. One time, he showed up but the other party did not. Others quickly realized that he was not a push over and soon stopped bothering him.

Eventually, he decided that, for his own safety, he should learn martial arts. It was during this time, Master Wong began his intense Choy Lee Fut training with Grand Master Wong Ha. He was formally accepted as his disciple through a traditional tea ceremony.

Master Wong believes that combining both his interests in academic studies and martial arts have made him a well rounded person in life. He was always taught and continues to preach to this day that while learning martial arts, one should never use their skills to do bad deeds.

Sifu Peter Wong with staffBenefits of Martial Arts

Master Wong is considered by his peers to be one of the main principals of the Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut branch in Vancouver today. He now considers the study of ‘qigong’ (inner breathing) as being very important in the study of martial arts and that there are many similarities between the movements of Choy Lee Fut and Tai Chi. Both styles have soft flowing movements but each movement can exhibit equally powerful energy at the same time. Master Wong believes proper breathing in martial arts is very important and, when combined with meditation, allows for greater harmony, clarity and inner peace of mind.

The Direction of Chinese Martial Arts

Master Wong has seen many ups and downs of martial arts through the decades and feels that there are many people in the world with misunderstandings about martial arts- even today. Many believe martial arts is still used only for offensive fighting.

However, Master Wong believes that traditional martial arts is an extremely important part of traditional Chinese culture where important lessons and traditions can be still be taught and learned. It is his opinion that the youth of today’s society, spend far too much time in front of computers, sitting for hours with little or no exercise and thus having very little balance in life.

Master Wong strongly encourages everyone to learn martial arts - regardless of style and practise it every day. This, he believes, will lead to a more improved, harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

~ end of interview ~

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