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Sifu Peter Wong

Welcome to CLF International

Learn the traditional forms of the
Choy Lee Fut style of Chinese Kung Fu

We specialize in teaching our students not only the traditional forms and skills for Choy Lee Fut but also show how they can be applied to enhance their everyday life for health and fitness. Improve your strength and flexibility while learning Choy Lee Fut and increase your physical fitness and confidence.

Traditional fist and weapons forms are taught, along with sparring, self-defense, fitness training, Lion Dance training, Chinese culture and even advanced competition techniques for the more serious students!

Sifu Peter Wong has been involved in Chinese martial arts for nearly 40 years and is an expert in the Choy Lee Fut style that originates from the Shaolin temple in China.

Choy Lee Fut combines the powerful arm and hand techniques from the Southern Shaolin animal forms, merged with the long, circular movements and agile footwork from the Northern styles.

This program is on-going through out the year. Cost of the program is negotiable. Please contact Peter at 604-779-6308 or email for more information.

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All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Weekend Class
Sundays 1:30 - 3:30 pm

Sifu Peter is also available by appointment only for one-on-one sessions and personal training. Please call 604-779-6308 for more information.


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What's New

Picture of Amy Pon with her first place medal and Adult Black Belt Forms Grand Championship Trophy.

• Video from the International Village Demo in August are available for viewing in the Gallery section. Marcus is only 4 years and this is his first demo!

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